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Application Procedure

Please review the following detailed explanations of the application procedures for the LLM Program for International Lawyers. Should you have a specific question, please contact the Office for International and Foreign LLM Programs for additional information at intl-llm-admissions@luc.edu or 312-915-7091.


Applicants for the LLM for International Lawyers must have a law degree from a foreign country which would be equivalent to the JD Degree. Depending on the legal education system, this would include graduates who, in their country, are:‌

  • Qualified to take the bar examination, and/or
  • Qualified to enter the practical phase preceding the bar exam, or
  • Admitted to practicing law.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) list of minimum degree requirements serves as a guideline to determine which law degrees qualify.  

Students in the graduate programs at Loyola University Chicago School of Law are carefully selected to ensure that they will have an outstanding academic experience. For the LLM Program for International Lawyers, the school prefers applications from lawyers with at least one year of professional experience after the first law degree, but also encourages applications from students in their last year of university-based education if they have a strong academic record.  Applicants must demonstrate academic maturity, professional abilities, and cultural versatility (including language skills) that will enable them immediately to integrate into Loyola’s intellectual environment and to participate actively in the academic life. 

We enroll two LLM classes each year. In the spring semester, courses begin in late January. In the fall semester, courses begin in late August. We currently have a rolling admissions system for the LLM Program for International Lawyers. While we do not have a strict deadline, we recommend completing the application as soon as possible to leave enough time for the visa process. Generally, students who apply early have increased chances to be admitted. We keep our class deliberately small (between 10 and 20 students) to ensure that we can continue to provide individual academic and career counseling. 

The application consists of the LLM application form and various supporting documents. The application form is processed by the Graduate Office of Loyola University. Click on the link, create a user name and password and follow the steps. When prompted to choose the degree you are seeking, click on Master’s Degree. From the drop-down list with all graduate degrees at Loyola choose either International Law LLM or US Law for Foreign Lawyers LLM. Choose your starting semester (Fall Semester or Spring Semester). You do not have to finish the form in one sitting, but can return to complete it at a later point, logging in with the user name and password. All information previously entered will be saved. Similarly, you do not have to have all documents prepared when submitting the application. You may start the application and then submit the documents later as they become available. The application will be reviewed once all supporting documents are received.

We also accept application documents from the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). If you have an account with LSAC, please fill out Loyola's free LLM application form and send an email to iblanke1@luc.edu to request that we order your documents from LSAC. Please include your LSAC account number and select Loyola Chicago as your school of choice.

Supporting Documents


Curriculum vitae or resume

Personal Statement

Two Letter of Recommendation

Academic Transcript and Diploma, translated and evaluated

Language Test Score or Waiver Request

  • LLM application fee

    Loyola waives the application fee of $50 if you submit your application form and supporting documents electronically.
  • A current curriculum vitae or résumé

    The curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé provides the admissions committee with an overview of information you believe to be relevant in assessing your application, including your education, work experience, professional and academic degrees, honors, and achievements, bar and other professional memberships, speeches or lectures given, presentations or publications, community engagement, and any other pertinent information. The CV should be limited to one or two pages, written in English.
  • Personal statement

    The personal statement is a one to two-page narrative that supplements your CV. This is your opportunity to highlight specific aspects of your educational, personal, and cultural background, and state your reasons for applying for admission to Loyola’s LLM program. You also may discuss how you anticipate contributing to the intellectual life and diversity at Loyola, and how you plan to further your career with the LLM degree.  If you wish to be considered for the partial-tuition scholarship program, please indicate this in the personal statement.
  • Letters of recommendation

    Your application must be supported by two confidential letters of recommendation from professional reference contacts, ideally one letter from a professor of your law school and one from a judge or current or previous employer who can judge your professional legal skills. In the application form, you will be asked to provide the name, title, company/organization, telephone and email address for the reference contacts. Loyola will contact the references with the request to submit the recommendation directly to the graduate school.

    The recommenders should be familiar with your academic or professional performance to be able to provide a written statement about your capacity for advanced legal study and professional promise. It is helpful if they can state how you compare to others in your academic or professional environment.

    Many professors and employers are not familiar with the US system of recommendation letters. We suggest that you contact your recommenders as early as possible to explain the nature of your request and provide an overview of our LLM Program. Try to leave sufficient time for your reference contact to complete your request.
  • Academic transcript

    The admissions committee will closely review your academic performance as reflected in your transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities that you attended. The official academic records should list results of all course work taken as well as results of yearly or comprehensive exams. Loyola requires applicants with foreign education credentialsto provide a certified translation and an official evaluation by Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or Educational Perspectives (EP). We also accept LSAC's transcript evaluation.
  • Language Test Scores (if applicable)

    Students in our graduate degree programs must have a high level of English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Most international applicants are required to submit a current official score from a Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam (TOEFL) or International English Testing System (IELTS). A test score is considered current if it has been taken within the last two years.

    Native speakers are exempt from taking a test. Applicants whose university education primarily was conducted in English may be exempt. If you do not wish to submit a language test score with your application, or wish to explain why your language skills are sufficient to succeed in law school even though your test score does not meet the minimum standard, please detail the reasons for an exemption in waiver request. Waivers are granted in exceptional circumstances. Generally your application will be stronger if supported by a good language test score. 

    The Graduate Office generally requires a minimum TOEFL score of 100 (IBT), or 7.5 on the IELTS, with fairly evenly distributed sub scores.  Individual language assessments, conducted in person or by telephone, may also be required at the Law School's discretion.

    The school's code for the TOEFL/IELTS test is: 1412 (University of Loyola Chicago Graduate Programs). You will find detailed information about the tests at www.toefl.org and www.ielts.org.

For questions and advice, please contact the Office of Foreign and International LLM Programs at intl-llm-adm@luc.edu or 312-915-7091.


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